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The best travel blogs in the world offer amazing travel tips, photography, and video content. Top travel bloggers tend to be passionate writers and storytellers, offering helpful advice and inspiration to get travelers excited to explore new places. But which blogs about travel are top notch? Read on to find out!

I consider myself to be a great travel blogger, but there are so many others with unique perspectives and stories. While I’ve seen and experienced so much, I’m not an expert in all destinations and topic areas. As a 29-year old man, I don’t cover niche areas like family travel and woman travel like other travel blogs can. For these reasons, I am super excited to share my favorite travel blogger websites around the world, ranging from solo travelers and backpackers to family adventure blogs and luxury jetsetters. These trailblazers have inspired me to get out and travel, and I’m confident they will fuel your wanderlust, too!

Looking to follow some of the best travel bloggers in 2023? From mainstream vacation bloggers to digital storytellers focusing on hidden gems, here’s my list of the top 13 best blogs about travel.

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The best travel bloggers you should follow

1. Dan Flying Solo

Dan is one of the best travel bloggers in the world, hands down. Born and raised in the UK, he is an incredible writer and photographer whose work has been featured in many major publications, including Travel + Leisure and National Geographic. I would be remiss if I covered the best blogs on travel without mentioning him.

I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Dan on a press trip in Aruba back in 2018, and we’ve been friends ever since. Dan covers a variety of exotic destinations on his travel blog, Dan Flying Solo, with a focus on lesser-known places. In addition to his blog, Dan is a Lonely Planet Ambassador and contributor to the company’s guidebooks.

Daniel James is one of the top travel bloggers in the UK.

2. Y Travel Blog

Looking to follow one of the top family and adventure travel blogs? Meet Caz and Craig Makepeace, the writers and photographer behind Y Travel Blog.

Born in the Central Coast of Australia, this Aussie couple has lived in five countries and now reside in North Carolina. They jet set all over the world with their two daughters, sharing tips and inspo from their travel adventures.

I met Caz on a press trip in Northern California a few months ago and have thoroughly enjoyed following her family’s adventurers ever since. There content isn’t just a highlight reel, either. In addition to sharing breathtaking and inspiring travel content, they also share the challenges they encounter along the way, as well as raw and authentic experiences that you don’t typically get with other vacation bloggers. I really admire their work and I think you will, too!

3. Travel Tom Tom

Travel bloggers can wear many hats – ranging from informational and enlightening to funny and entertaining. Fortunately, Travel Tom Tom gives his audience the best of both worlds. This Dutch blogger (and vlogger) has been traveling the world continuously since 2012, visiting 147 countries and sharing many serendipitous moments and laughs along the way.

I’m a huge fan of this guy. He’s one of the very few travel bloggers that shares his travel experiences in a raw and authentic way. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything – he will challenge your beliefs and show you things that are uncomfortable (i.e. tourist scams and culturally sensitive topics) – all while getting lost in exotic places and dancing with locals. I encourage everyone with a sense of humor to check out his page (his IG shows his personality much more than his website). If you’re looking to live vicariously through someone else’s adventures, Travel Tom Tom is your man!

Travel Tom Tom blogger

4. The Planet D

For adventure seekers, The Planet D is one of the best travel blogs out there. Dave and Deb are an award-winning travel duo based in Canada and have visited more than 110 countries. They write comprehensive travel guides and itineraries, which I’ve used to plan my own travels around the world.

In addition to their helpful travel tips, Dave and Deb are also amazing photographers, sharing breathtaking images and videos on their blog and social media channels. Through their informative and inspirational travel content, The Planet D Adventure Travel Blog has enriched millions of people’s lives around the globe. So, it’s no wonder they are considered among the best blogs for travel!

The Planet D is a top travel photography blog with amazing tips and itineraries.
Best blogs on travel can’t touch these two!

5. The Blonde Abroad

For solo female travelers, it doesn’t get any better than The Blonde Abroad. But even if you don’t fit that description, you’ll still find plenty of value when reading this famous travel blog.

As the founder of The Blonde Abroad, Kiki provides amazing travel tipshow-to-guides, and photo/video content from her trips around the world. In addition to the rich content, her travel website also has a beautiful design. Everything is so creatively laid out, that you can’t help but feel happy and inspired as you scroll through her travel blog.

If you’re looking for a top-notch travel blog with useful tips and an amazing aesthetic, look no further!

The Blonde Abroad is a top site for female travellers.

6. Salt in Our Hair

Looking for a travel blog to inspire your next adventure? Salt in Our Hair is about as cool as it gets.

Hannah and Nick take incredible travel photos and videos, so you should follow them on Instagram as well. Their travel blog site also has a sleek, fast design that makes it enjoyable to read and browse their content. It’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing travel blogs imaginable. This makes them a top pick among the top traveling blogs.

These top travelers will blow your mind.
These top travelers will blow your mind.

7. The Points Guy – Among the Most Famous Travel Bloggers

Financial savvy travelers won’t want to miss out following The Points Guy. This best travel blog is dedicated to tips on credit cards and rewards points.

Brian Kelly, the founder of this travel blogger website, covers everything from how to boost airline points and miles to hacking hotel rewards, so you can travel for free and find the best deals. I really like his credit card reviews, which I’ve used when finding my own travel rewards credit cards.

Brian now has a staff of more than 100, including editors, writers and reporters, and other contributors. So, you always know you’re getting the best and most up-to-date content on his site. While his website is not as “personal” as it used to be, I really value the level of detail and accuracy of TPG’s articles. As such, it’s easy to see why this is among the best travel the world blogs.

The Points Guy is a website dedicated to providing financial vacation tips.

8. Hey Ciara

Ciara is one of the most well-known solo travelers in the world. She’s a great writer and inspires hundreds of thousands of travelers on her blog, Hey Ciara, and social media channels.

Like me, she recently made the huge step of quitting her corporate job to travel the world full time. With so many insightful travel and lifestyle tips, as well as inspiring and uplifting content, Ciara will remind you how beautiful our world truly is.

For Twenty Somethings, it doesn't get any better than Hey Ciara.

9. Atlas and Boots

Nature lovers will really enjoy reading this travel blog website. Atlas and Boots is dedicated to outdoor travel, including nomad lifestyle tips, hiking, diving, and other fun nature-oriented activities around the globe.

The founders of this blog, Kia and Peter, have climbed Mount Everest, the Arctic Circle, and Mt. Elbrus (Europe’s highest mountain). They’ve been featured by many notable publications, including BBC TravelLonely PlanetThe Guardian, and more. These award-winning travel bloggers have been to some super unique locales, so it’s no wonder their site is among the best world travel blogs.

If you’re looking to add to your travel bucket list, Atlas & Boots has got you covered. It’s a vacation blog that you should definitely know about.

Atlas and Boots is a top vacation blog for all types of travelers

10. Nomadic Matt – Top Travel Blogger

As far as the best blogs for travel go, Nomadic Matt is the OG. Matt has been one of the top players in the industry for over a decade, and he certainly hasn’t slowed down with over 1 million pageviews per month on his site.

What I enjoy the most about Nomadic Matt is his clear and concise writing style and advice for saving money on travel. He writes about important topics like how to score cheap flights, which can save you tons of cash when booking trips online. If you’re looking for tangible tips that will make you a smarter traveler, Matt’s site is the perfect resource.

In addition to running a top travel blog, Matt is a New York Times best-selling author of the book “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.” He also sells travel blogging courses and runs his own annual travel conference called Travel Con.

Like me, Matt is from Boston. So, this top world travel blog hits close to home!

Nomadic Matt is one of the most famous travel bloggers.

11. The Broke Backpacker

Are you a backpacker looking to save money and traverse the globe? The Broke Backpacker is one of the best travel blog sites out there.

The traveling blog is run by a team of passionate backpackers and it offers some of the best budget travel tips anywhere in the world. In addition to helping you plan trips, there’s also some really great travel gear recommendations on the site.

I love learning about digital nomad programs and other backpacking/location independent content. The Broke Backpacker offers some of the best in this realm.

A traveling blog for digital nomads and backpackers.
A traveling blog for digital nomads and backpackers.

12. Going Awesome Places

Looking for in-depth travel guides and itineraries around the globe? Check out Going Awesome Places, one of the best blogs about travel.

I’ve traveled with Will in the past, and I greatly admire his work ethic and attention to detail. He writes ridiculously long travel articles, where he covers the A-Z on unique destinations around the world. In addition to his amazing blogging skills, Will is also a great storyteller on social media. His IG stories are also super engaging and informative. Give this top travel blogger a follow so you can see it for yourself!

For comprehensive guides and itineraries, check out this best travel blogger from Canada.

13. Never Ending Footsteps

Last, but certainly not least on this round-up of the top travel bloggers is Never Ending Footsteps. Founded by Lauren Juliff, this travel blog has been around for 10 years, reaching hundreds of thousands of travelers each month.

Lauren has traveled to over 90 countries and shares tips about all the ups and downs from her many years on the road. She’s also the author of “How Not to Travel the World.” Whether you’re looking for travel tips or inspiration, you’ll find that Never Ending Footsteps is among the best blogs for travel in 2023.

Never Ending Footsteps is among the coolest blogs about travel.

More best travel bloggers to check out in 2023

Looking for more travel bloggers to follow on the web? Beyond the top 13 list above, here are more popular blogs about traveling that you should check out. But before jumping ahead, I just wanted to quickly share my personal travel blog that I’ve built over the past 5 years:

My name is Jon and I’m the writer and photographer behind the Global Viewpoint travel blog. I’ve visited over 50 countries and enjoy sharing unique bucket list destinations and transformational experiences from around the globe.

In addition to sharing travel tips and inspiration, I’ve focused much of my attention over the past year on the inner journey of exploration. This includes personal development and self-discovery, which are a core part of experiences like wellness retreats. These types of group getaways include modalities like yoga, meditation, cold immersion, grounding, sound healing, and other physical, mental, and emotional-based activities.

According to industry reports, the wellness retreat space is the fastest-growing sector of the tourism industry. So, it’s exciting to bridge these two worlds – the outer and inner journey – and create lots of content around them!

I'm not your typical travel blogger, as I enjoy going on retreats like this one in Iceland!
I’m not your typical travel blogger, as I enjoy going on retreats like this one in Iceland!

Now that I gave you an elevator pitch on what I do, here are the other travel blogs you should know about.

Best travel blogs for families

Traveling with kids isn’t easy. If you’re keen on finding a family travel blog with helpful tips and other resources, bookmark these amazing sites.

– The Bucket List Family

– Earth Trekkers

– Families Love Travel

The best family travel blogs highlight tips, trends, and other fun aspects of exploring the world with children.
The best family travel blogs highlight tips, trends, and other fun aspects of exploring the world with children.

Top travel blogger websites for young adults

Looking for a top travel blog for young people? Whether you’re a Millennial or Gen Z, here are some of the most unique travel blogs for 20 somethings.

– Under 30 Experiences

– The Blog Abroad

– Lost Leblanc

Young adult travel influencers always visit the most epic locations.
Young adult travel influencers always visit the most epic locations.

Best travel blogs for couples

As a married man myself, I am inspired by couples who regularly travel. It’s a lot of work constantly being on the move and keeping the relationship strong. Here are some couple travel bloggers who make it look easy.

– HoneyTrek

– Two Scots Abroad

– Nomadasaurus

From romantic getaways to actionable tips, there are so many reasons to follow these unique couples.
From romantic getaways to actionable travel tips, there are so many reasons to follow these unique couples travel blogs.

Best travel vloggers

Looking for vlogs in addition to travel blogging websites? Here are some top travel creators and vloggers who make amazing video content:

– Travel Tom Tom

– Drew Binsky

– Hey Nadine

Top travelers in 2023 also include vloggers on YouTube and Instagram
Top travelers in 2023 also include vloggers on YouTube and Instagram.

Coolest travel blogs to follow on Instagram

Looking for a daily dose of wanderlust to inspire your next adventure? Check out these amazing travel bloggers on Instagram who share photo and video content of their favorite places. If you’re looking for cool places to travel with friends, you’ll definitely want to check out these top travelers for inspiration!

– Helene in Between

– Nathan Lee Allen

– Jess Wanderin

Travel Instagrammers take travel blogging to a whole new level.
Travel Instagrammers take travel blogging to a whole new level.

Best travel blogs for over 50

From boomer to senior travel, here are some of the best travel blogs for those over 50 years old.

– Adventures of Empty Nesters

– Sand in My Suitcase

– Bonvoyageurs

Best travel photography blogs

Visual storytelling is a great way to get inspired before a trip. Here are some top travel influencers who take amazing photos:

– Gary Arndt (Everything Everywhere)

– Alex Strohl

– Ever Changing Horizon

I love following travel photographers on social media.
I love following travel photographers on social media.

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Top travel blogs to write for

Looking to make money and get a backlink writing for a travel blogger website? Here are some travel writing blogs you should reach out to as a guest writer.

– Nomadic Matt

– Matador Network

– Indie Traveller

There are so many top travel websites out there where you can submit guest posts.
There are so many top travel websites out there where you can submit guest posts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Top Travel Blogs:

Here are some common questions (and answers) about travel blog websites:

What makes a travel blog “the best”?

Well, that’s a tough question! There are so many amazing travel bloggers out there, and what makes one “the best” is really a matter of personal opinion. That being said, some common qualities of the best travel blogs might include beautiful photography, engaging and well-written content, and a unique perspective on the destinations being explored.

The answer to this question is a resounding YES. For as long as Google stays relevant, so will travel bloggers. While social media is a helpful tool for planning trips, many travelers prefer the long-form content that only a travel blog will provide. A short Instagram caption certainly won’t give you all the tips and tricks you need to be a smarter traveler. So, it’s safe to say that the top travel blogs will continue to stay popular in the years ahead.

To put things in perspective, I get over 250,000 pageviews per month, which is a small drop in the bucket compared to the largest travel websites, but the year-over-year growth has been phenomenal. Even the pandemic hasn’t stifled growth for travel blogs like myself, which focus on unique getaways, road trips, and nature trips. The best blogs for travel aren’t going anywhere, especially for those who are subject matter experts on their particular niche.

Starting a travel blog is an awesome way to share your travel adventures and keep friends and family updated on your journeys!

Digital nomad storytellers are more important than ever before.
Digital nomad storytellers are more important than ever before.

Do travel bloggers ever get tired of traveling?

Ha! It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it, right? In all seriousness, even the most seasoned travelers can get a little burnt out from time to time. But for most travel bloggers (including myself), the thrill of discovery and the chance to experience new cultures and ways of life keeps them going, even when they’re feeling a bit exhausted.

How do travel bloggers make money?

There are many ways for a travel blog to make money. This includes everything from affiliate marketing and advertising to brand sponsorships. I have an article here on how I make money and can afford to travel more than 5 months per year. As a top travel blog, you can make money on press trips, media visits, and other paid partnerships as well. With travel blogging, the sky is the limit!

A travel blog makes money in a variety of ways.
A travel blog makes money in a variety of ways.

What are the biggest travel blogs?

The biggest blogs about travel (by traffic) include Nomadic MattThe Blonde AbroadExpert Vagabond, and my travel website. We all get over 300,000 monthly visitors.

How do travel bloggers decide where to go next?

This can vary greatly from blogger to blogger. Some might have a bucket list of dream destinations they’re working their way through, while others might be more spontaneous and go wherever the wind takes them. Some bloggers might also take into account factors like the time of year, current events, or opportunities for sponsored trips when planning their itineraries.

Personal travel blogs like this inspire me
Personal travel blogs like this inspire me

How many travel bloggers are there?

According to data compiled by WordPress and other peer websites, there are over 570 million blogs on the internet. But how many travel blogs are there in the world?

It’s impossible to get an accurate tally on how many travel blogs there are, as “travel blogging” is a subjective term that can also relate to lifestyle, food and drink, and the wellness industries. Also, it’s difficult to differentiate active travel blogs from inactive ones. However, we can assume that the proportion of travel blogs to total blogs is correlated with tourism as a percentage of total GDP (6%). As such, we can estimate that there are at least 30 million travel blogs in the world. This would mean that there are upwards of 500,000 to 1 million blogs about travel in the US, alone.

For as long as Google is around and traveling is accessible, there will always be travel bloggers.
For as long as Google is around and traveling is accessible, there will always be travel bloggers.

Blogs about Vacations, Adventure + More

Hope you enjoyed reading about these coolest travel blogs around the world. Do you know any personal travel blogs that deserve to make the list? Let me know, as I’m always looking to add to this round-up of the best blogs about travel!

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The best blogs about travel for all types of travelers.
Enjoyed reading about these top tour bloggers? Pin it!

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